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We Think Global we Act Global

Propulsion is providing true sourcing data such as individual platform results comparison, talent mapping, and specific Boolean efficacy. We have created a model solely based on deliverables rather than hours to ensure you are getting what you want, every time. This offers full transparency, repeatability, and previously unavailable sourcing data. We have access to more recruiting software data than any company on the planet.

In this rapid changing world where everything is highly competitive we brought solution to your business needs at a snap of a finger, We at propulsion consultancy prioritise business requirements of our clients by finding them data backed solution for their business requirement. We can facilitate you with right personnel who can align their personal goal with the your goal. We aim to bridge the gap between the deserving candidate and nurturing organization where their skills, talent and profits can grow hand in hand so you ca unlock your potential. We are well aware of the responsibilities our client handover us and we put our best resources forward to adhere to their goal. 

 Our Services: 

1. Resource Acquisition: With Our deep understanding of global industry, market and talent we will provide you the best of the skilled resource who can match their aspirations and goal with of the organization with the commitment of longevity, growth and Diversity. 

2. Resource Management: Having the right resources and to manage them are two very different things, its one things to have them and another to manage them, we also expertise in career management, transition and other related services. 

3. Talent Development: With our dynamic team and best in industry service we also ensure that the talent you are working with is in alignment with industry standard skill, we provide talent development services as well so with a little nudge our help you and your team ca grow exponentially. 

4. HR Operations: We also provide HR service like Regulatory Compliance. Payroll Services, Reward and Recognition, Workforce Planning. We can help you with end to end service from employee onboarding to their peaceful exit. 

5. Asset Management: One of our other offering is asset management, from acquiring an asset (Laptop & other Equipment if any) to its management and disposal, we can help you shed a little burden by providing small help there.

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